Thursday, April 6

Math pg 141 #1-5 due Monday

Science Questions on Transfer of Heat Energy due Monday



Wednesday, April 6

Math - Worksheet on two digit by two digit mulitpication

Science- Heat Energy Questions due Friday


Tuesday, April 5

Math pg 139 #5,6,9,16,18 questions on Area

Writing - Rhyming Poem

Canoeing for Grade 7 Lawson Lesson on Thursday, April 7th in the afternoon

Grade 7 and 8 Outdoor School meeting Thursday, April 7th at 5:00 p.m.

Monday, April 4

Current Events on Gravity Waves due next Monday

Provincial Election Summary of Parties and Platforms was due today at noon

Grade 7 Canoe forms due ASAP

Grade 7 Canoe indoor lesson Thursday, April 7

Wednesday, March 23

Math Worksheet on Perimeter #1-3, 9-11

Weekly Editing and Spelliing Test Thursday


Tuesday, March 22

Math from Monday due Wednesday

Daily Editing Sheet due Thursday

Weekly Editing Test Thursday

Health for Mr. Frigon due Wednesday

Current Events due Monday, April 4

French Project due April 18

Monday, March 21

Math -  pg 130 #2-6 and 8,9 due Wednesday

Several Students are not done the Social or Writing from last week. They are due by 3:37 today.


School Clothing 2016

Order form is attached

Tuesday, March 15

Math- Worksheet on Circumference of Circles #1-13

Social -Highlighted notes from Pearson Online and questions on Google docs to be shared by Thursday

Writing- Response to Persuasive Essay due Friday


Tuesday, March 8

Math - Perimeter questions due Monday, March 14

Writing - Persuasive Essay due Wednesday, March 9 by the end of the day

Current Events due Wednesday March 9 at 9:00 a.m.

Health for Mr. Frigon due Wednesday, March 9


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