Monday, March 7

Math - Perimeter of Squares pages 175-176 in our Measurement Booklet

Writing - Perusasive Essay due Wednesday, March 9

Current Events due Wednesday, March 9

Health for Mr. Frigon due Wednesday, March 9

Friday, March 4

Math Board Work on Perimeter

Writing - Persuasive Essay due Wednesday, March 9

Current Events due Wednesday, March 9

Health due Wednesday, March 9


Wednesday, March 2

Math Grade 6 Worksheet on Conveting Metric Units

Current Events due Tuesday, March 8

Skating Thursday, March 3rd

Tuesday, March 1

Math Grade 7 Worksheets on Converting Metric Units due Thursday

Video on How to Convert Units in the Metric System.

(Thanks to Caelan and his father for finding this.)

Current Events due Wednesday

Journals due Wednesday 


Early Years Family Centre Newsletter

For more informatio see here

Go Girls

For more information see here

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Math Pre-Test today

Math Test Thursda on Fractions

Current Events due next Wednesday

Journal Entry 16 due on Monday

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Math Contiune Review for Math Test Thursday, Feb. 24

Weekly Editing Sheet due Friday

Spelling Test Friday

Current Events due Wednesday

Friday, Feb. 12

Math - Review sheets on Comparing Fractions due after the break, Monday, Feb. 22

Current Events Booklet on "Concussions" due Wednesday, Feb. 24

Skating on Monday, Feb. 22 in the afternoon 


Thursday, Feb. 11

Math - Review for Test after the break. Review questions on Equivalent Fractions, Mixed and Improper Fractions due Friday

Weekly Spelling Test Friday

Weekly Grammar/Edtiing Test Friday


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