Wednesday, Jan. 27

Math Worksheet on Adding Fractions due Thursday

Spelling Test/Grammar Test on Thursday

Journal Entry 14 due Thursday

Pajama Day -bring a dollar to help with Z99 Radiothon


Tuesday, Jan. 26

Journal Topic #14 due Thursday

Lit Circle Green Summary Sheet due today

Science Defintion for Heat Unit due today

Health  Goal Setting for Mr. Frigon due Monday, Feb. 1

Spelling Test Thursday

Grammar/Editing Test Thursday


Monday, Jan. 25

Math - Adding Fractions, Reducing Fractions

Science - Vocabulary and Defintions for Heat and Temperature Unit

Daily Editing Work Due Thursday

Spelling and Editing Test on Thursday

Literature Circles Green Sheet due Tuesday


High School Open House

Friday, Jan 22

Math from Thursday to be corrected on Monday

Current Events due Tuesday


Thursday, Jan. 21

Math Questions on Adding Fractions #10-18, 25-30, 35-40

Social Open Book Test on Canadian Government Friday, Jan.22

Weekly Editing Test  Friday, Jan. 22


Wednesday, Jan. 20

Math Board Work on Adding Fractions

Journal Entry due Friday

Literature Circles Green Sheet due Monday, Jan. 25

Social Open Book Test on Friday on Canadian Government


Tuesday, Jan. 19

Math Board work from Monday due Wednesday

Social Studies Open Book Test on Canada's Government

Journal Entry due Thursday, Jan. 21


Monday, Jan. 18

Social Quiz postponned til this Friday. Open Book Test on Canadian Government

Math Board Work on Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions

 Chapters 1-4 Literature Circles Disscusion Questions due Tuesday


Thursday, Jan. 14

Math Board work on Mixed Fractions

Novel Study Literature Circle Task Sheet due Friday 3:37

Weekly Editing Test Friday

Weekly Editing Booklet due Friday

New Years Resolution Writing due Friday 3:37


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