Week of Sept 12

  We have had an amazing start in our grade 3 and 4 classroom and I am excited to continue to get to know more about each student. I look forward to getting the chance to meet you all on Thursday for the McLurg open house.

READING- This week we will begin our reading groups. These groups are flexible and children will change groups as their reading levels change. We will study characters, clues and motives in mysteries.

WRITING- We will begin to write showing emotion. For example: before we say we are angry, we may say, “I clenched my fists, I stomped my feet, and furiously yelled. I was angry.”

MATH 3- We will continue looking at numbers. Grade 3’s are working out of the grade 3 worksheets.

MATH4- Grade 4s are working out of the grade 4 worksheets.

SCIENCE- Materials that allow light to shine through are called TRANSPARENT (windows). They do not scatter light or stop light. Materials that allow some light to pass through are called TRANSLUCENT. You cannot see through these materials clearly as most of the light is scattered, bouncing off in all directions (stain glassed window). Materials that block all light from passing through are called opaque. These objects absorb all the light or causes it to bounce off (blinds). We will also discuss light pollution (artificial light shining in places where it is not wanted).

SOCIAL-We will continue to work on giving directions on a map.


HEALTH- Last week we discussed the blue zone (Zones of Regulation). Some emotions we feel are sad, bored, disappointed, lonely, sick, etc. These emotions give us decreased energy. Some tools we can use to get out of the blue zone are exercising to increase our heart rate, chew cinnamon gum or eat a sour candy, talk to a friend/ hug, brain break (we do these several times a day in class), or use a fidget. We also reviewed the yellow zone. When we are in the yellow zone, we feel increased energy. There are times when it is okay to be in the yellow zone (birthday party, recess, holidays) but when we need to focus we can take a deep breath, count to 10, listen to calming music, do heavy work such as lifting etc. This week we will discuss the red zone (loss of control). We experience loss of control when we are enraged, mad, terrified, or mean. When we are in this mood we need to stop, take a deep breath, go for a run, take a break, punch a pillow, get a backrub, or do heavy lifting.