Mrs. Gerspacher

BLOG- Nov 14th

FRIDAY CONFERENCES- Friday will be three way conferences. Please have your child come with you to your conference time. This will be a chance to review how your child is doing in class this term. There will be no formal report card sent home, but you will receive the personal and social growth rubric at your conference time. Please note that there is no school for students this Friday. 

NUTRITION MISSION- Students who have completed their nutrition mission will be able to make and eat a snack at the 10:30 recess Monday morning.

LIBRARY- There will be no library this week as Bookfair will be in the library all week. Feel free to drop by during conference day.

READING- We are continuing to work on reading and discovering the main idea in our short passages. We will also be looking at categories to help us focus on keeping ideas in a paragraph that relate to one topic.

WRITING- We are writing our October recounts. Students are expected to write 3 paragraphs with clear topics. This month we will work on writing a proper introduction that includes the 5 Ws (Who, what, when, where and why). The paragraphs should be at least 3 sentences. We will continue to write our rough copy of our mystery story.

MATH- We will continue to add using friendly numbers. Students are familiar with this strategy from previous years and we will build on this knowledge. (54+59) 59 is closest to 60 so we will add one from the 54. 54-1=53, 59+1=60 so 53+60=83. Grade 4s will begin using friendly numbers up to 3 digits. By now, students should have a good understanding of what a fraction is. They will begin working with fraction manipulatives to help them compare fractions.

SCIENCE- The light test is Tuesday, Nov 15th. A study guide was sent home early last week. Students who reviewed this test should find it easy. We will begin our unit on forces. We will start off with magnets.

SOCIAL- With the Remembrance day and it being a short week, we did not complete the information on the Transcontinental Railroad. We will round this up this week. 

HEALTH- We are beginning our new unit on our immune system. This week we will introduce what our immune system is and how it helps us fight against germs.


BLOG- Nov 7th

            It is a short week as there is no school for students this Thursday and Friday.

NUTRITION MISSION- Only a few are left to come in. Students who hand back the completed Nutrition Mission, will create and eat a treat with me next week during recess.

LIBRARY- Today is library. The next library will be the following week on Wednesday.

READING- We are continuing on main idea of small passages. During reading groups we are reading non-fiction pieces and looking at the text features (Table of contents, glossary and index). We will be including these in the reports we will be working writing in December and January.

WRITING- We have finished our outlines for our stories. This week we will begin writing our rough drafts by introducing the characters.

MATH- We are working on adding using friendly numbers. Students are familiar with this strategy from previous years and we will build on this knowledge. (54+59) 59 is closest to 60 so we will add one from the 54. 54-1=53, 59+1=60 so 53+60=83. We will also continue to explore and label fractions.

SCIENCE- We continue to wind up with light and I plan to bring my studio lights in this week or next week, depending on how far we get with the review. A review will be sent home this week and the test will be Tuesday, Nov 15th.

SOCIAL- We will continue to discuss Transcontinental Railroad 


HEALTH- we will continue to look at labels and sugar.






Blog –OCT 31st


                For those who go trick or treating tonight, I wish you all a safe Halloween. I passed out some glow bracelets today to help the kiddos stay safe. Feel free to use them tonight or whenever you wish.


HOMEWORK- Don’t forget to work on your Nutrition Mission. They are due next week. Students who complete their missions will get to make and eat s fun snack at school.


READING- Our next theme will be main idea. We will focus on non-fiction stories. When reading non-fiction stories in class, ask your child to explain the main idea and details from the text. The headings help you find the main idea/details.

MATH- We are going to add using regrouping. This is the traditional way of adding. We are also looking at fraction being part of a whole nunber. 1/3 means 1 out of 3.

WRITING- This week we will write our clues to our mysteries. We will begin to put all the pieces together and creating the rough draft of our story.


HEALTH- this week we will look at labels and compare the ingredients/ nutrition content.


SCIENCE- We will finish up our unit with photography and lighting. A study guide will come home shortly and the text will be next week.


SOCIAL- We will discuss the effects of the railroad on the Chinese people who immigrated to Canada. We will discuss how the building of this railroad affected First Nations people as well.







READING-We are finishing up our booklets on context clues. We are working on main idea which will help us to prepare to write reports. When reading with your child, stop and discuss why the title was chosen and how it helps us predict what will happen in the text. Continue to practice your context clues to understand new vocabulary words. This week I will send home their RazKids cards. This is the perfect way to have at level reading at home. Your child may find it easy to read the words, but it is still important to make sure they are focusing on character traits and deeper level questioning. Ask them to show the part in the text that shows how the character is feeling or makes you feel like you are in the book (descriptive detail). Observe how the beginning of the story ties to the end or any jokes that are made.


WRITING- We are beginning to work on writing mysteries. Students have chosen a main character with a special talent. This special talent will be used to solve the mystery (human lie detector, photographic memory, super stealth, can run at superspeed. They also have chosen a sidekick. We are now choosing a mysterious even and beginning our introduction.


MATH- We are finishing up on our patterns unit. We will finish our assignments and then there will be a test review sent home next week. The previous test (Number sense) was marked and grades were put into powerschool for your viewing. I am still waiting for one student to write his exam, once he has completed this, I will send the tests home for signatures. This week we will begin to examine what a fraction is. This is usually a part of a whole object.


SCIENCE- This week we are learning about the parts of the eye and how the eye works. We will investigate color blindness and realize that some people who are colorblind can still see some colours.


SOCIAL- We will continue settlement patterns. Last week students learned about the NWMP, who was allowed to be a NWMP and what their job was. Students worked in groups to pretend they were settlers coming to Canada and had to choose which items they would take with them on their journey. We will continue to read plays that discuss why people left to come to Canada (starvation, poverty, freedom, farming opportunities, etc). We will discuss the negative influences the settlers had on the First Nations people as well as the effects of the railroad.


HEALTH- Students have taken home a Nutrition Mission. Students can complete these tasks in any order. If students complete all the items on the mission, they will get to make and eat a healthy snack at school. We will discuss proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


I apologize for not having a blog last week. I was ill and unable to complete the blog. As well, the math homework should not have been sent home. I rarely send home work and if I do, there is plenty of notice or I will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to complete this assignment, it will make the work easier to complete in task. I have let the children know to tell the guest teachers that math booklets are to stay at school.